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“I have suffered for 15 years with Anxiety and Stress insomnia and Psorasis I’ve attended your clinic for 4 appointments and Mark you have Transformed my life, my skin is nearly cleared, I sleep 7 hours + a night I drove 5 hours on a motorway which I haven’t done in 13 years I no longer suffer attacks quite frankly your a genius. I can’t thank you enough.
Donna and her Family x”
“Mark has taken me through a tapping technique to try and relieve my Fibromyalgia symptoms. His explanation was good and clear and although I was sceptical about how effective the technique would be I have to say it has made a marked improvement and is something I can continue to use to further improve my condition. I am hugely grateful to Mark for the positive difference you have made to my everyday life.”



Single Session: £70
Four Session Package: £240
(package sessions maybe be used at anytime and for multiple issues if required)


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