Do you find yourself constantly worrying?

Do you wake up with a feeling of dread?

Do you make excuses to avoid doing things that cause your anxiety?

Do you have negative thoughts constantly running through your head?


I understand how you feel. Not only have I helped many people who felt just like you, but I have also experienced anxiety myself.  I know how horrible it feels and how it can stop you from doing the things you want to do by creating negative thoughts and unnecessary worries.

These negative thoughts and worries, and the physical symptoms that often accompany it, such as short breaths, a racing heart, cold sweat, shaking and nausea, are created by your subconscious mind in the mistaken belief that by creating the anxiety it is keeping you safe from something it perceives as a threat.

Consciously you know that the threat is not real, or at least highly unlikely, but your subconscious mind still puts those fears into your head, saying ‘Yeah, but what if….’. It’s like your subconscious mind and conscious mind are constantly fighting a battle and your subconscious mind wins every time.

It can feel like you going to be stuck with anxiety for life, that there’s no way out….but there is!


Tranceformation Anxiety Program

With the experience I have gained, from both my own anxiety and from my clients, I have created a structured anxiety program focussed on helping your subconscious mind stop creating the anxiety and the thoughts and feelings that go with it, permanently.

You are unique, and so is your experience of anxiety, so the program is personalised to you. Whatever is causing you to feel anxious will be addressed in the sessions, and the things you like and enjoy will also feature to give you a sense of calm. You will also be taught a number of powerful techniques that you can use in between sessions to help manage your anxiety if required.


The program consists of:

A free 30 minute consultation by phone

10 different techniques for managing anxiety during the process

4 one to one sessions

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and say goodbye to your anxiety

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Tranceformation Anxiety Program