If you play sports, as an amateur or professional and you need help to get to the next level, then hypnotherapy and NLP can help.

Whether you’re a golfer who wants to improve their handicap, a runner who wants to shave those vital few seconds off a race or a darts player who finds their nerves kicking at the key throws, hypnotherapy with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can make all the difference. In fact sports stars like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, Greg Norman, Jimmy White, Michael Vaughan have all used NLP in order to improve their game.

By using techniques such as anchoring, modelling and belief destroyers/creators I can improve your confidence and motivation and make you believe you are the best! Using visualisations (or mental rehearsals) I can take that a step further – your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between real events and imagined events, so if you imagine winning that race then as far as your subconscious mind is concerned you did win that race….and if you’ve done it once you can do it again, right?!

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