It’s that time of year when Easter is over, people have over indulged on chocolate and now thoughts are turning to summer holidays and which of the hundreds of diets to follow to get that beach body back!

But here’s the thing, their are two main definitions of the word diet. For most people it’s a word that has negative connotations:

When most people think of the word diet they immediately think of depriving themselves of things they enjoy, it feels like a punishment and that’s not something that is easily sustainable. So if they then eat something that is restricted by their chosen diet it leaves them feeling a tremendous sense of guilt, which often leads to comfort eating and before they know it the diet has gone out of the window..

Furthermore when people say they are going on a diet, it means that at some point, usually after a few weeks they have every intention of coming off it again. They work really hard to get down to their ideal weight, but once they reach that goal, what happens? They go back to eating the way they were before. The problem with that is that after all that hard work, they go back to eating the stuff they were before and slowly but surely the weight piles back on again. This is exactly why people’s weight ‘yo-yos’.

However the other definition of diet though is very positive: ‘the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats’. In other words changing the way you eat permanently.

The biggest changes you can make are to stop snacking, stop eating takeaway food and stop buying processed foods. Eating home cooked food will automatically reduce your sugar and carbs intake, and it’s been well reported that the one of the biggest cause of weight issues is sugar.

So if you want to lose weight, ditch the short term diet plans and change the way you eat, that way you’ll achieve the body shape you want, and keep it that way!

You only have one life, look after yourself!

Thinking of going on a diet?

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